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Gyroplane Training

gyroplane training 1Learning to fly a gyrocopter is an experience that is fun, challenging and offers great rewards. Australia’s airspace is relatively uncomplicated and there are few areas that are inaccessible to Gyrocopters. For gyro’s, there isn’t even a need to report to a Control Tower.

We believe that almost anyone can learn to fly a gyro if they have the desire and commitment. From the age of 15 you can start your training. We teach students at the age of 70. For the more mature students, there is no upper age limit, as long as you meet the medical requirements for a car license; you can learn to fly a gyro.

Learning to fly a gyro with AirBorne Upper Hunter is great fun. Whether you just like the challenge of something new or want to overcome a fear, we will ensure you get the most from your training.

Our experienced instructors are among the best in Australia and deliver a comprehensive course that meets all the regulatory requirements, while being easily tailored to suit each individual student’s needs.

gyroplane trainingWe understand that learning to fly takes considerable time and effort, so we are flexible in our hours. We fly 7 days a week, daylight to dusk, and can run theory courses at night if required. We also know how hard it is for a farmer to leave his property to learn, so we specialize in teaching on their own farm.

FLIGHT training with AirBorne Upper Hunter follows the A.S.R.A syllabus, as approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The regulations require a minimum of 20 hours of instruction before your General Skills Test for your ASRA Pilot's License (Gyrocopter). As a rough guide, the Australian average is about 30 hours. Budget for that and you won't be far wrong.

All our training is done on a one-to-one basis. If you need more time on an exercise, we can give it. If you're ready to move on to another aspect there's no-one to hold you back.

How long it takes to get your license depends on the individual (student and instructor!), the weather and the frequency of lessons. Generally, someone able to fly once a week will learn quicker than someone was flying just once a month.

gyroplane training 3We suggest no more than two, lessons a day because time is needed to let things sink in. It is amazing just how much you learn from replaying a flight in your mind. If you fly too soon, previous lessons are not properly absorbed and so the foundations are weakened. This eventually leads to remedial lessons, so does not really save time - or money!

Your instructor will update you on your progress after every flight.

To find out more call us on 0428 444 868 or contact us here.


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