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Colibri Microlight Awards

Colibri badges celebrate international standards of achievement and proficiency set by the Federation Aeronautic Internationale. (FAI)

To earn one of these prestigious internationally-recognised awards, a microlight pilot must have accumulated a certain number of solo flight hours and flown a series of predetermined precision landings and cross-country flights (this can be found in your HGFA pilot handbook section 10.2.3). At the higher badge levels, the pilot must have set a national or world record or competed in an FAI sanctioned microlight competition.

The qualifications for Colibri badges are the same in every country. To acknowledge the accomplishment of a Colibri badge holder, microlight pilots receive a bronze, silver or gold-plated lapel pin and a certificate.

The Colibri scheme is all about defining standards, training to achieve them and then proving that skill in front of an official observer.

At AirBorne Upper Hunter, we believe in striving for continual improvement and the setting and achieving of new goals.
Let us help you to complete your Colibri Challenge!


Bronze Colibri Microlight Award

Hunter Valley Microlight FlightsAlthough you are not required to make an engine-off landing as part of the HGFA syllabus, at AirBorne Upper Hunter every student will have done at least one to give them the feeling of truly gliding a microlight.

The official Bronze Colibri award requirements are:
a. 20 hours solo in microlight aircraft including at least 50 logged flights.
b. 3 precision landings within 10 metres of the centre of a given spot.
c. 1 precision landing within 20 metres of the centre of a given spot from a height of 1000 ft (300 metres) AGL with the throttle fully closed. Demonstration of correct go-around (overshoot) procedure.
d. Two 75 kilometre cross-country flights over a triangular course, one with an out landing at a designated point along the route.

The Colibri Awards are made in order of bronze, silver and gold. We can help you with application forms for your bronze award so you can start the Colibri Challenge.

Once you have a Bronze Colibri, the next step is to work towards your Silver Colibri


Silver Colibri Microlight Award

Hunter Valley Microlight FlightsThis extract from the US Ultralight Association's site shows how the standards get tougher as you progress to the Silver Colibri.

"Passing directly over the touchdown point at 1,000ft, you know that the deafening silence of the engine you just shut down means you WILL land.
"Having successfully completed three precision landings within 10 metres of the centre of the designated spot to earn your bronze badge, you feel confident. Now, for your silver badge, you will complete a 360 degree turn and touch down within half the distance - 5 metres. And having done it once, you'll have to repeat it to show it was no lucky fluke - just pure skill."
AirBorne Upper Hunter a network of Official Observers to sign off your Colibri exercises, whether spot landings or x-country navigation flights.

Take advantage of our experience and combine a touring holiday of Australia with a Colibri Microlight Challenge.
The official requirements are:

a. 100 hours solo on microlight aircraft including at least 200 logged flights.
b. 2 flights to approximately 1,000 feet AGL, stop engine(s), complete a 360 degree turn, and land within 5 metres of the centre of a given spot.
c. Four 150 kilometre flights with any landing or turn points pre-declared.

Gold Colibri Microlight Awards

Hunter Valley Microlight FlightsGOLD colibri awards require an exceptional dedication to improving your microlighting skills:

The official FAI requirements are:
a. 300 hours solo on microlight aircraft.
b. Participation in two national or FAI recognised international microlight competitions, as
c. Completion of a tour of at least 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) to a predetermined flight plan within seven consecutive days. The route must contain at least three control points which the aircraft is observed to overfly or where a landing is made. Only the final landing of the tour may be made at the initial departure point.
d. Hold one of the following:

  • National microlight instructor rating;
  • National microlight record (or have held such a record);
  • National microlight seaplane rating plus two 100 kilometre cross-country flights on a seaplane;
  • National Alpine rating;
  • Participation as pilot-in-command in an FAI first category event such as a World or Continental championships, World Air Games or International Sporting Event.

A permanent record of the first 50 microlight pilots to be awarded a Gold Colibri will be maintained by the FAI at its headquarters.


Diamond Colibri Microlight Awards

ADOPTED in 1989, the Diamond Colibri Badge is meant for an outstanding achievement in flying a microlight. The Diamond awards are made by the FAI International Microlight Commission.

Diamond Colibri holders include:

  • Paul Dewhurst, who has won gold in all four categories of the World Microlight Championships;
  • Brian Milton, who was the first to fly around the world in a microlight
  • Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert for their Cape-to-Cape flight in 1995.



At AirBorne Upper Hunter, we can help you complete your Colibri Challenge. Contact us now! 0428444868 Chris


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